Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Has anyone else discovered SONOS?

After being stuck for a birthday present for Mr B, we decided to go "window shopping" for a new stereo, with all intentions to purchase another brand of sound system.

It was at this point we were introduced to SONOS, a revolution in music! It will both play your music library via your computer and for a small monthly subscription, you can download from Napster or Spotify unlimited music. You do not own this music, but with 10,000,000 songs to choose from, why would you want to?

Anyway, the free Napster trial had expired and I finally got round to subbing to it, so we are with music again... hooray xxx And even better, if you have an iphone or an ipad (lucky me got one for Christmas!) you can download a free app and you can control the stereo via this app... how cool!

So I challenge you to leave me a comment detailing an obscure track or artist and I'll let you know if they had it!

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