Monday, 1 April 2013

Lucky me...

Ok so as today is the 1st of the month - Happy April Fool's day everyone, I can officially say I'm going on holiday this month!

I simply can't wait and am so looking forward to the relax time as well as the full on sight-seeing time we look set to have as we sail through the Panama canal.

We are away for my 40th and it's highly likely it will be a formal night on that particular day - one of six no less!

And like every girl I had to have a couple of new dresses!

Now I used to be a black evening dress type of girly, but over the last couple of years I've decided that colour is far more eye-catching.

These are my dresses that I already have...

Had this turquoise one a while but I love it even though it leaves a trail of sequins every time I wear it!

Can't get more colourful that this?

Love this red one - have you noticed we try for a colour co-ordinated look on formal nights?

And these are the dresses that are winging their way to me real soon I hope!...

Discovered them on a fabulous site, all from Conie Fox. All in stock they process your order within 2 hours so they should be here in two to five days all the way from Hong Kong!

And even better, two out of the three were in the sale - just hope they fit!