Monday, 27 August 2012

Hangs head in shame!

Why is it a fortnight's holiday causes so much disruption?

Apart from the run up in preparation, ironing, shopping for those new holiday items, buying suncream and packing, when you return from your relaxing time you're faced with a mountain of washing...

I can't admit to then having a mountain of ironing as at the moment I iron on demand! We're still waiting for our dressing room to be sorted and oh boy once it is, we'll have heaps of storage - as it stands our clothes get crushed and so I see little point in cramming freshly ironed clothes into a cupboard...

So guiltily, not only am I late for August Chinese Whispers but I have missed July's Chinese Whispers too!

Last weekend we were at V Festival again - an amazing time yet again - Human League, you were amazing xxx

This weekend we have guests on Friday night, then on Saturday afternoon we went to Heathrow to collect Olivia from Thailand, where she has been travelling for the last month! Some of the Korean and Italian paralympians were arriving - hats off to you all and the best of luck - I felt this overwhelming urge to applaud them but since no-one else had the same urge, I decided not to!

Yesterday I got a gap in my weekend to get my Chinese Whispers July LO done.

I used an instax photo of Nina, taken when we visited Sintra and Cascai. I always send blank postcards home and then forget to use them so as they were fresh in my mind, there was no excuse!

I bought a jar of white gesso on Friday (I have a clear jar, which I love) so in true style, it had to be opened!

The layout was lifted from Ally's lovely layout - I love these papers and the cute jar xxx

Better go and try and sort August's!