Sunday, 1 December 2013

Not all jobs are boring!

And mine definitely isn't!

Having recently been given the responsibility of Social Media at my place of work, Utopia Bathroom Group, we have been discussing various ideas over the last few weeks, banding suggestions around and deciding on a plan…

Last Monday was a fairly busy day at work, no different to any others in that respect, but that was soon to change! Having had an idea to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, with some giveaways, a brainwave in the night developed this idea into becoming the 'Twelve Daves of Christmas' as along with one of our joint MD's and another Director, we have a total of 13 people named Dave who work at Utopia.

Again, you may ask is that really that remarkable? As a company of 160 employees, I personally think nearly one in 10 is!

And so the campaign was hatched! What you can accomplish in such a short space of time once mindset is in place is actually quite remarkable!

Tuesday saw the design, Wednesday saw the sign off of the campaign and teaser FB posts and today sees the launch!

What can you win?

There will be a series of prizes which increases day by day and accumulates the possible entrants who will be entered into the overall prize to win £1500 worth of Utopia Bathroom products. Today, as it is the first of the month, sees a Sap day for two up for grabs, tomorrow you can win two electric toothbrushes and so on, until 12th December, where will be giving way 12 duck radios!

Then on 13th December, all 78 lucky winners will then enter to win the overall prize of £1500!

Kinda cool even if I do say so myself!

What's more its free to enter so pop on over to Utopia's Facebook page, like and share the word and who knows - it could be you!