Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I've had a secret...

I've been keeping a secret for a few days now.

It's been really hard, I've been dying to spill the beans and I've even avoided texting or talking to my closest friends!

But thank goodness, today's the day when I can reveal my secret! I must add at this point there is no baby Ball on the way!

I applied to be on the Creative Team for Hey Little Magpie, the new trading name of the wonderful online scrapbooking store, formerly known as Sarah's Cards, and guess what, I've only gone and got on their team!

Along with 15 other ladies, we shall be creating with the very latest scrapbooking stash - how totally amazing does this sound?

And it gets better, because tonight I've discovered that some of my nearest and dearest buds are joining me on this team - Sheena, Jackie and Julie. Writing this post reminds me that Jackie was the first person I met on my first ever retreat and we have been great mates ever since! Neither of us knew anyone, we were retreating 'solo' so to speak and plucked up the courage to talk to one another - and the rest they say is history!

I submitted a series of five layouts…

The first two illustrate my love of my silhouette cameo - it tends to sit on the end of my desk until I get the urge to use it, then I go mad and use it on layout after layout!

I'm very into scripty phrases, but keeping the positive and negative of the cut, inking or painting the edges of the cut then simply re-inserting the cut phrase to create a seamless look.

I do like intricate cutting and boy does this illustrate my love of it! I've intricate cut so much before I end up with cramp in my fingers - not a great look, nor without a certain amount of discomfort - no pain, no gain!

I'm quite into grid formation layouts at the moment, especially when softened with 'paintily' effects or mists!

Lastly, I love colour co-ordinated layouts where the papers and photo complement each other meticulously - this is one such layout of pinks and beiges...

So there, the secret is out!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Back on-line!

We all love our stash and I'm as guilty as the next person for hoarding it...

Today has seen the re-opening and re-branding of my favourite on-line scrapbooking shop. 

Sarah's Cards has today become known as Hey Little Magpie… how totally cool and what a brilliant name!

And so, dictionary definition no. 3 perfectly sums us up!

Check out their new shop and see how much you can drop into your nest!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Harry Potter World

Back in April, Harvey and I finally took the girls to Harry Potter World!

We'd been promising to do so for about a year and never got round to it! We booked tickets on Easter Sunday, and after a fairly early start arrived prompt for out 10am entry time.

Whilst Harvey managed to escape from being forced to wear a red spotted dress, like us girls did when we went to Florida, I did insist that we all had a pair of those famous glasses!

What an amazing place it is! Although I've never really watched the films or attempted the books, the attention to detail was just mind-blowing!

I'd seen friends photos of the car and motorbike, and of course we too had to oblige, it would be rude not to!

Not forgetting Privet Drive...

Having taken loads to photos, I hadn't yet had the chance to scrap any of them! That is until the Moxley crop in June.

Tracie Hudson taught three layout classes, with a further three to complete at home all using the gorgeous Homespun collection form Simple Stories.

One of the layouts, based on Project Life was perfect for using a collection of photos.

I loved completing this layout. I could dip in and out at leisure, simply crafting another square, which may have only taken me 10 minutes to do, but gave me the satisfaction of feeling I had had chance to be creative after work when time is precious...

The small touches made for a very tactile layout - one small section I'm sure I will replicate will be the use of sequins to enhance a feature.

So thank you Tracie for an amazing day, one to be repeated soon I hope!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happiness is...

Happiness is an early evening stroll where the cat comes too!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Target weight… hooray!

I (heart) SW, do I need to say any more?

Blaming my medication for an under active thyroid seems to have been my 'reason' as to why my weight has steadily crept up over the last 10 years, that and being put on HRT last year. When weighed last year, the scales read 10 stone 5lb, the heaviest I'd ever been.

January 2014 arrived and enough was enough, I was going to loose weight. 

I think everyone who has ever dieted can relate to needing to be in that mindset and my mind was made up.

So I joined a SW group - to my dismay, the scales now read a heavier 10 stone 101/2 lb, which made me even me determined!

The weight loss has been steady, most weeks losing between 1 and 2lb, interspersed with a couple of gains and a couple of 'maintains' along the way…

Low and behold, a few weeks ago, I stood on those scales to see I had got to target. I was so happy with this achievement, but to be totally honest, was more pleased when I stood on the scales a couple of weeks previous to that to see them read 8 stone 13lb!

Now I am maintaining, which is actually freaking me out more than trying to loose - random I know, especially for all of you trying to lose weight, but trying to stay within a boundary of 3lb either way is tricky… I'm still discovering 'what I can get away with' versus 'plan'.

To say this diet is AMAZING is simply not enough. Last Monday after our mini break, weigh in declared a gain of 2 1/2lb, which by the way I totally deserved! Today, after being mostly on track whilst away for the weekend, apart from enjoying a lovely piece of coffee and walnut cake and the most wonderful parma violet and blackcurrant and aniseed ice-cream, only made with double cream, and boy did we know it, weigh in showed a 2lb loss!

So if you're contemplating joining this amazing journey, which has honestly transformed me, I can wholeheartedly recommend SW.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Happy Saturday!

So this weekend I'm teaching at a lovely venue in Wanborough…

This will be my third time teaching at this venue and what a room these ladies have to scrap in and I have to teach in, beautiful high ceilings and fantastic facilities surrounded by lovely friendly people…

Sheena and I are doing two classes each with a M&T on the Saturday evening.

My first class on Saturday, in all its glory…

Such pretty, pretty colours and loving the combination of an oversized photo against the smaller ones…

And my second class on Sunday… lots of painting involved in this one!

So I hope the Wanborough ladies enjoy making their layouts as much as I did creating them!

Anyway, must dash, got some crafting to teach!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

One week ago….

One week ago today we boarded the Queen Victoria, a three night cruise on one of Cunard's ships, bound for Brugge and Cherbourg...

We travelled as two couples, and although I hadn't spent much time with Denise until the trip, we got on so well, even setting sail in near identical clothing!

We took a taxi from the port into Brugge…

Day 2 and Denise and I were in matching denim jackets!

Brugge is such a beautiful place, we had a few hours to explore and taste the local delights of moules and frites (which we categorically told we couldn't share - orders of the owner!)

Can you have a foursome selfie?

Friday and Saturday night saw us hit the ships' nightclub…

Apparently I an has the 'moves like Jagger as well as the lips!'

Saturday day and we explored Cherbourg… Denise and I even managed a bit of shoe shopping (not matching I hasten to add!)

Roll on our next weekend together, wherever it may take us!