Saturday, 31 March 2012

What a day!

Yesterday I headed down the M6 and M1 towards Theobalds Park only to find that I had no brake lights... When I managed to stop I was at Toddington Services - I called Green Flag who said they'd be with me in an hour.

As I knew Sheena was also heading down I decided to call her incase she was behind me and would mind diverting off to the services so I had company but also if my car couldn't be fixed it was going to be towed to the nearest garage and I was worried I'd have no means of continuing my journey!

Bless her she gladly agreed xxx

So after 50 minutes Jonathan from Green Flag came to my rescue!

I did get the giggles when this vehicle parked alongside him - not because it was a hearse, but that the driver and passenger were both fast asleep!

Rest assured (pardon the pun) we all took photos....

So with a fixed car, I continued on my way with Sheena following behind - thanks so much honey xxx

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

One more sleep xxx

Only one more sleep until the GoGoGetaway and boy am I looking forward to this!

There are numerous reasons I love being part of this retreat, not only do I get to meet up with old friends and make new ones, all of who share a passion for being creative, but I get to teach some very talented ladies...

I get such a buzz from doing this and when the class is over and I can see the finished results it really is a very satisfying result!

My first class starts with... 'And did those feet' and that the first class on Friday evening.

I then don't teach until after lunch on Saturday. This class is called 'Shelf of Memories'

'Tailored to Perfection' is the last class for Saturday evening... hope you've got some matchsticks for those peepers!

Then on Sunday morning, I teach 'Faux Flux'... cute huh?

It promises to be simply amazing and with 21 classes to have chosen from, I don't know how you all decided!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Seriously Spoilt...

The latest kit from ScrapaGoGo is stunning! Happy Hive features a selection of yummy new releases from CHA and I for one love them!

I'm into splattering paint at the moment and using cardstock for my backgrounds, softened by the random pattern the paint creates!

I've also got the bug to outline everything, possibly because I have aquired 12 fine liner sharpie markers, and you know what it's like when you've got something new!

My first layout used all the richer tones within the kit, including honey, rich brown and pale orange.

The second layout focused on the neutral elements, giving a more antique feel...

Those Amy Tan AC thickers are lush and if you're not lucky enough to be getting your mitts on this kit, I suggest you look out for them!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone and especially to my Mum xxx

Hope you've all had a lovely day and been spoilt rotten!

I had a relatively early morning phone call this morning from my Mum to say thank you for the oversized tea-cup planter that we had given her for Mothers Day... now 8.30am isn't really early in my vocabulary..

In the week I've been in work since 7.45am, although I don't officially start until 8.30am it means we beat the traffic!

But when you've been out till 2.00am, catching up with our ex landlord and landlady, sharing cocktails out of goldfish bowls and dancing on the podium, with eyes looking up at you as if to say you're old enough to be my grandmother, let alone mother, then a call at 8.30am aint so great!

Still I hate lying in bed, I feel it's a complete waste of a day, so after a cup of tea in bed, we got up leisurely and then I got stuck into finishing my ScrapaGoGo layouts using the March kit...

PS my Mum got the spotty pink tea-cup planter, I think they are cool and I may just have to put one on my ever growing wish list!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

So glad he's back and Harvey the hero xxx

I have been a bit low over the last couple of days, due to our white deaf pussy cat having been missing since Tuesday!

We had gone straight from work on Tuesday evening to see the amazing Florence and the machine at the LG Arena... Wow what a concert!

Anyway we got in about 11.45pm - the cats had been fed by my lovely neighbour earlier in the evening, but when Toupee was not around something just didn't ring true... So we went to bed and still no Toupee in the morning!

Being deaf, he doesn't hear when we call. I was hopeful he would be trapped in somewhere but then wondered how we'd ever find him?

So with still no Toupee this morning, Harvey had a brainwave and decided to check the barns at the back of next doors house... No Toupee in there but after hearing a cat's meow, Harvey discovered Toupee about 10 ft up in a holly bush.... So Harvey had to climb the tree and rescue him....

What a sight for sore eyes... My hero cradling one slightly anxious Toupee!

Thanks a million honey, no more tears (till next time!)

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Inhibitions lost....!

One camera app and why is it we loose our inhibitions?

Silly faces, quirky poses and puckered lips....

How great is Pop Booth?

And what I like even more is finding one of the girls has got hold of my iPad without my knowing and left very little evidence, apart from the odd sneaky photo or two!

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

We couldn't keep away!

So although we said we weren't doing V Fest this year, when we saw the line up we decided we couldn't miss a visit and so managed to get day tickets for the Saturday - yeh!!!

I had two in my basket and my colleague had four - my computer froze so I lost two but luckily her four went through... big thanks Gemma xxx

Now we just have to keep our eyes open for two more for our mates xxx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chinese whispers and I'm late!

Regardless of us getting an extra day in February, this month has just flown by...

With a busy time at work and the last two weekends away, I'm so out of synch and trying to cram in as many of my chores as a I can today as I'm at work tomorrow!

My layout for this round of Chinese Whispers, which is happening over on the ScrapaGoGo CH features a photo of Nina from about 5 years ago... she would have been around seven, bless her... I think she looks much older than seven in the photo, perhaps it's because she doesn't look much different today from that photo?

My layout is a lift from a layout by the lovely Ally... cute photo, huh?

Although not very clear in the photo, Ally has done a series of twin paper piercings to create a border detail, which is really pretty (I know this cause she sent me a cameo of it!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx