Saturday, 31 March 2012

What a day!

Yesterday I headed down the M6 and M1 towards Theobalds Park only to find that I had no brake lights... When I managed to stop I was at Toddington Services - I called Green Flag who said they'd be with me in an hour.

As I knew Sheena was also heading down I decided to call her incase she was behind me and would mind diverting off to the services so I had company but also if my car couldn't be fixed it was going to be towed to the nearest garage and I was worried I'd have no means of continuing my journey!

Bless her she gladly agreed xxx

So after 50 minutes Jonathan from Green Flag came to my rescue!

I did get the giggles when this vehicle parked alongside him - not because it was a hearse, but that the driver and passenger were both fast asleep!

Rest assured (pardon the pun) we all took photos....

So with a fixed car, I continued on my way with Sheena following behind - thanks so much honey xxx

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1 comment:

Jackie xxx said...

Oh No : glad you could continue to make the journey.

LOL at the hearse incident. There's never a dull moment.

Go Sheena - she a star xxx

Take care and safe 'uneventful' journey home.