Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chinese Whispers...

Happy April Fool's day... and hello if you're waking up in Theobalds Park like me, on the 8th GoGoGetaway!

Already 1/4 of the year has gone by... scary stuff. Still it means that my holiday is ever nearer! We go away on the day the Olympics start so each time I hear it's xxx until the start of the Olympics, I also know it's xxx days till we set sail! Hooray!!!

So with each 1st of the month comes another round of swapping layouts on the Chinese Whispers CJ that I'm taking part in. I'm so glad I asked to be a part of this.. and hats off to Rebekah for suggesting it last year, and continuing with it this year.

The layout I received this month from the lovely Ally featured no less than four photos... whoa comfort zone rewind!

But I embraced it and whilst downsized to a more bijou set of images, I did still include four photos.

I had to include my "latest" love... subtle paint spatters, so easy to re-create! Simply unscrew the top off a mist bottle and then flick... Voila paint splatters and not a brush in sight!

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Jackie xxx said...

Fab idea of adding smaller photos, love your layout x