Wednesday, 2 February 2011

(We heart Mickey)

Sometimes you just have to hold onto an image and wait for the right ScrapaGoGo kit to arrive!

This photo was one such image! Having been on holiday to Florida in the Summer of 2010, you can imagine that we took our fair share of photos, including a vast amount on the day we went to Magic Kingdom.

The photo on this layout is one of these images and I have been waiting for so long to scrap at least one from this truly memorable day!

My three step-daughters are all really cute, not to mention very pretty! My sister-in-law does theatre design and with a few measurements, she managed to create Nina's Minnie costume as a complete surprise for her for Christmas 2009.

You might ask how I managed to get Nina's measurements? I basically said that I had to do a bit of market research on the average sizes of children... I work for a fitted bathroom manufacturer, so goodness only knows why she believed me!

Then, not long before our trip, we were out shopping and spied a top, AKA a dress in a well known v. cheap shop and so the idea was born that we could go matching... it seemed too adorable an idea, so three tops later, we were ready!

I used the AC felt flowers from the G2P in the ScrapaGoGo February kit, along with other embellishments to create the row of flowers, adding the floss for both texture and detail, and used acrylic paint to re-colour the alpha.

So, if seeing this makes you need the G2P, I think their may be a few, but only a few left!

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Jackie xxx said...

WOW - love the story and the layouts. See you soon. xxx