Friday, 25 February 2011

Where has the last two weeks gone?

Oh my how time flies.....

My last post was nearly two weeks ago and I seem to have done so much since then!

Firstly, we ventured down to London for the BRITS, a kind of belated by a day anniversary celebration.... What an amazing event, what an amazing venue, one amazing experience! From the opening performance of Take That, through to hairs standing up on the back of your neck Adele, the whole night was seamless.

So we got back on Wednesday morning, I unpacked Wednesday night, then re-packed Thursday night for our ScrapaGoGo DT weekend... What a hoot!

It was lovely to meet up with my fellow team mates and just spend good quality girlie time together.

So after a lovely day on Saturday, starting with a swim in the gorgeous pool, we introduced Kirsty to Take Me Out! I think it was a bit of an eye opener to her, but I bet she'll be watching to find out if JoJo got a date or will Lucy get picked this week?

Monday morning came round all too quickly, and it was up and out to get back to work. Still only four weeks today and the GoGoGetaway will have already started! I can't wait to catch up with you guys, and swoon over all your gorgeous creations xxx

You might be thinking that it ended there, but oh no!

Tuesday evening, we drove 40 miles from Wolverhampton to pick up Nina, to take her back to Wolverhampton for us all to watch James Blunt at the Civic, only then to repeat the journey and take her back home. Luckily my Mum lives close by, so although it was only a fleeting visit, it did mean that bedtime was just a bit earlier than it could have been had we travelled all the way back to Shropshire!

By the way, James Blunt was also amazing. I would thoroughly recommend seeing him. I wasn't his biggest fan, but having seen him live, I'm a bit of a convert! Hats off to him, he has a real connection with his audience, coupled with a stunning voice.

So in answer to my question, that's where the last two weeks have gone LOL xxx


Clare said...

I looked for you on the telly when I watched the Brits!! Couldn't see you tho, LOL!!Glad you had a good time, I missed the TT opener, but thankfully I will see them at Wembley in July!woop woop!Sad not to be at the GoGo weekend, I hope you have a great time. C x

Jackie xxx said...

WOW love, you have been busy. Glad you like James Blunt. See you in a few weeks. love to all xxx