Sunday, 25 September 2011

The past week has been a whirlwind...

As usual my week passes me by in a whirl... this time last week I was packing my overnight bag as I was staying at my Mum's on Monday night....

She was in hospital on Tuesday having her 2nd hip replaced, 12 weeks to the day since the 1st one was done. She hadn't realised until she had the 1st one done just how bad the other was! Having had a fairly bad time last time, she was apprehensive to say the least....

It was all going swimmingly well until Thursday morning after her first shower - she fainted, came round on her bedroom floor, was promptly sick which caused a nurse to heave and have to rush to the toilet... apparently there was lots of hysterical laughing and the scenario of vomit everywhere and my Mum on the floor in a scantily clad modesty towel. Suffice to say she came home yesterday and is doing really well xxx

So I arrived on Monday night with a mission to learn how to crochet, having bought issue 4 of Mollie Makes... it was those veggies that did it for me!

I thought that it would keep my Mum's mind occupied if she carried on teaching me whilst we waited for her to go down to theatre...!

I'm not quite at this stage yet... or tbh far from it. I've mastered a five petal flower, if no-one interrupts me so that I forget where I am..

Can anyone recommend sites for easy to follow crochet lessons?

The other monumental occasion this weekend has been the taking of Olivia, my eldest step-daughter to Bournemouth, where she is studying Textiles....

She's in a shared house with four other 3rd year students and so looking forward to it, possibly because it's freshers week...???

She knew her small room has yellow walls and she wanted to paint them, so I suggested that her and her Dad read the contract to see if they could as along with no fixings, no painting seems to be the norm! Anyway, after a quick glance, and I mean glance the decision was to paint and worse case the newly painted white walls would have to go back to yellow.

So curtains are up, room is finished and looks lovely, Olivia has to sign the contract and about the 4th point down relates to NO PAINTING without prior written consent.

After a sleepless night, an email was sent to the landlord first thing. A reply telling us not to worry came about an hour later, so alls well that ends well.

Olivia enrolls tomorrow, I'm sure after some sort of night which will involve alcohol!

Good luck Liv xxx


Jackie xxx said...

Wishing your mum a speedy recovery. Glad you are learning to crochet - you can teach me when we next meet up - lol.

Clare said...

Check out Attic 24, Lucy is amazing at crochet. lots of tutorials.