Thursday, 26 June 2014

One week ago….

One week ago today we boarded the Queen Victoria, a three night cruise on one of Cunard's ships, bound for Brugge and Cherbourg...

We travelled as two couples, and although I hadn't spent much time with Denise until the trip, we got on so well, even setting sail in near identical clothing!

We took a taxi from the port into Brugge…

Day 2 and Denise and I were in matching denim jackets!

Brugge is such a beautiful place, we had a few hours to explore and taste the local delights of moules and frites (which we categorically told we couldn't share - orders of the owner!)

Can you have a foursome selfie?

Friday and Saturday night saw us hit the ships' nightclub…

Apparently I an has the 'moves like Jagger as well as the lips!'

Saturday day and we explored Cherbourg… Denise and I even managed a bit of shoe shopping (not matching I hasten to add!)

Roll on our next weekend together, wherever it may take us!

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