Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cats... and not the musical!

Having been asked to be the Special Investigator for October over at CSI, case file 94 was right up my street!

As a lover and owner of seven cats, I had never heard of the book 'I could pee on this and other poems by cats' written by Francesco Marciuliano. The cover of this book was the inspiration for the case file.

With my eldest cat Cuthbert being a Ginger Tom and the book being such an obscure title, I ordered it from Amazon for my husband, on the basis that he would take a photo of Cuthbert reading the book and I would then scrap it!

After many attempts, we hit upon the perfect shot, although Cuth wasn't too impressed!

I used some Project Life cards that my friend Julie had given me and embellished them with rub-ons, ribbons and a button.

One of the CSI prompts was to journal from your pets point of view... something I thought would be really tricky to do actually flowed quite freely!

Cuth is now 15 and whilst he's getting those tell tale old cat signs such as a bony spine, he's still a cutie and I love him to bits!


Sheena said...

Love the photo, love the page infact I love it all xxx

Jackie xxx said...

Great layout and fab story. Love it