Sunday, 16 December 2012

A long and cold weekend...

Gotta love work... I have to use up all my holiday's by the end of December so last week I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off!

Wednesday consisted of a doctors appointment, then to Comet where I bought a Dyson at a right bargain (just sad for all those employees who are going to be without jobs!) The day had gone before you could blink and I had little to show for it.

Thursday was spent at the Trafford Centre, where Harvey and I started and finished our Christmas shopping - a mean feat when you have 50 on your list (and that's excluding the girls!)

So because we couldn't get enough of Manchester, we were back again on Friday to watch MIKA. This was the 4th time I'd seen him, (as I saw him a V Fest a couple of years ago) and the 3rd time Nina would see him...

Each time we've started queuing at some crazy time, in order to get a front row position and Friday was no exception!

We were 10th, 11th and 12th in the queue, and sat in the cold for a good few hours. Coincidentally no's 1 and 2 arrived at 9am, having seen him in London the night before!

So Harvey wasn't gonna queue and went off to find a bar, looking rather glam in his wet weather gear. OMG did it rain and blow a gale!

The concert was AMAZING - in true MIKA style he rocked!

Yesterday was spent at the Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham. We caught the train from Telford to New Street... Nina and I wanted to get there went dusk was setting in and the crowds had gathered! Harvey on the other hand wanted to get there at 10am in broad daylight and no crowds...

Guess who won!

Nina fell in love with her hot chocolate mug and has drunk three cups of tea in it today, not to mention one last night as well - and this is a girl who hardly ever has a hot drink!

Harvey was also happy at this point with his large German beer!

Back to work tomorrow, but not before we hit Ironbridge for curry and drinks to celebrate our friend's daughters 21st...

Happy Birthday George xxx

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Jackie xxx said...

Go you with all the shopping! and you are truly a MIKA fan - you are mad - lol x