Sunday, 18 November 2012

The cure for a hangover...?

Apart from a 'hair of the dog' perhaps the best cure for a hangover is looking over the photos from the crazy twilight themed party from last night!

And so it started with Caitlin opening her pressie - a new white laptop named Trina!

Every girl needs a new dress for their party!

Back from the cinema and the first chance we got to see the cake!

Mum you did us proud... you're best cake to date by far!

Everyone wore black, red and white... Harvey's Dad even colour co-ordinated his socks...

Me and Bethan, Caitlin's best friend... your help has been invaluable - thank-you xxx

Sing song on the mini-bus coach on the way to the restaurant...

I slept on the way home!

One of many photos... Harvey and his angels xxx

Still early in the night!

Sisters... ahh!

Behind bars... the restaurant in Ironbridge is the old police station and we were in the cells!

Twilight themed table dressing...

The only way I could focus... close one eye!

Cousins behind bars...

Friends behind bars...

Apparently this was our romantic behind bars photo - I thought it looked more like Caitlin's checking to see if I still have a pulse!

I went straight to bed, but drinking games ensued till 4.30am!

The rules were told to me this morning and I didn't understand them sober!

Poor Cakey - they kept making it land on her!

And another casualty...

Art, who fell asleep on the floor, got face painted and woke up still in his clothes!

Glad to discover no-one was sick! Yippee!!!

Off to bed, X Factor and I'm a Celebrity then SLEEP xxx

1 comment:

Jackie xxx said...

OMG - what a celebration, that cake was out of this world - love it - your Mum is super talented.

You did a great job and it looks like you all had a fab time.

You've got some fab photos for scrapping.

Hope the hangover didn't last too long.