Sunday, 30 September 2012

Introducing Bertie!

I have been toying with changing my car for some time and although there's been nothing wrong with it, in a week I'd have had my mercedes for 6 years!

For a long time I've had my eye on a Fiat 500 - going from large to small you might ask... well, I love the retro look and styling of these gorgeous little cars... plus I calculated for about £30 extra a month I could have a brand new car, taking into account fuel, insurance and tax.

Last Saturday I decided to bite the bullet and visit T J Vickers in Shrewsbury - what a lovely and helpful company! After a call from Harvey to say don't go and buy one then and there, I was extremely tempted to do just that - the girls were egging me on to but I resisted and after a brief discussion, I was back at the garage signing on the dotted line!

I've been and picked up my new little car earlier today which I've named Bertie...

Just waiting now to sort out my reg plate with DVLA - the whole process ought to be made much easier than it is currently!

Not normally one for interiors, I fell in love with the cream and chocolate seats as much as I did the cars' bailey's cream colour!

So cute don't you think!

I did ask the guy at the garage if they sold the eyelashes to wind Harvey up - it worked a treat!


Jackie xxx said...

OMG I love Bertie x love the colour, love the interior - you go girl x Love it! love it!

Tyra Shortino said...

Totally cute! I know the feeling of wanting a car so bad, just like before I got my hands on my new wheels. It’s a Chevy Spark, which kinda looks like your ‘Bertie,’ and so high-tech. At first, I was fooled by its exterior, thinking that it has a very small space inside. But as I have gotten to test drive the little sweetheart, I was amazed by how comfortable the seats are and how adequate the trunk space is. Gotta love our cars! ^_~

Tyra Shortino