Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The results are in...

The little munchie, aka Teddy Edwards had a heart scan yesterday (at the same time as being castrated poor thing).

A heart murmur was detected on his first vaccination and although it was hoped it would get better, sadly it got a bit worse! The vet wanted to castrate him early so that the heart scan could be done asap under anaesthetic...

The results are in - he has a thickening of his heart muscles and there is no cure, nor drugs available. He will deteriorate over time, until one day sadly, when his heart will have had enough!

On the positive side, although he won't see double figures, he should lead a fairly normal life for at least the next three to four years!

Teddy was our surprise - his Mum, Lulu had Toulouse and Toupee (also in the photo) earlier in the year.

Then before I could get her spayed, we came home from work one night in July to find a tiny bundle of white fluff!

Teddy is one amazing kitten, so full of life and energy. It's hard to believe that his little heart is pumping away too fast, like it's as if he's been on red bull!

It's amazing how these little beings take a piece of heart and give so much back unconditionally.


Jackie xxx said...

Oh bless, he's such a cutie as well. Big hug to all. xxx

Karen Shady said...

OH, Sam, Im so sorry to hear about your gorgeous little fella... He is a really cutie. Hugs to you and your little puss :)