Saturday, 17 December 2011

I've got the crochet bug!

With crochet having a mahosive revival, I recently decided it was about time I learn't.

So with a few basic stitches in tow (taught to me by my Mum) I set about having a couple of more in-depth lessons from my fab friend Sheena!

So I mastered Sheena's pointed flower, and having decided that chunky wool wasn't for me and that I wanted to use the finer embroidery floss type crochet thread!

After making numerous delicate flowers, I realised enough was enough and that I should have a go with a four ply (I may sound like I know what I'm going on about, but it was only because the pattern said that's what to use LOL)

Following a simple pattern from Mollie Makes, I made mug cosies - so cute and personal xxx

Hopefully the new homes they are destined for love them as much as I loved making them!


Jackie xxx said...

WOW - they look fab on the mugs. Seriously going to give this crocheting lark a go over the Christmas holiday and hopefully master at least a few flowers x

Sheena said...

I'm glad you love it as much as I do :D