Wednesday, 6 July 2011

She's home!

Our life is so consumed by our emotions isn't it?

When we're happy, the worlds' our oyster... when we're sad, upset or have things on our minds then I for one find it hard to act as normal!

This last week has been a bag of mixed emotions, as my Mum has had her hip replaced. It's been on the cards for years and after a six month spell where she had no 'good' days she decided to take the plunge.

I took the day off work so that I could be with her. After theatre she felt fantastic, but sadly this wasn't to last! She became quite poorly, but the good news is...

She's home!

The medical staff have been brilliant, thank you to all involved!

So it goes without saying....

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Jackie xxx said...

Glad your mums home and all is well. Each day does get better, Take care.

Love to you all. xxx