Monday, 20 June 2011

Can you guess what the theme was?

So although Saturday seemed to take forever to arrive, once 2.15pm struck and Liv appeared, the weekend flew by - and what a weekend it was!

The weather didn't totally hold off, but to be fair, after a massive downpour at about 3pm, we then had sunshine and no more showers - yippee!!!

We don't usually walk around Rushton dressed like this, but when a monumental birthday like an 18th comes along, you've gotta do something a bit special!

Notice the cat, aka Grub (bit of a Camberwick Green theme going on - Cuthbert, Dibble (now departed) and Grub) who happily follows you everywhere.... 'a dog in drag'

In the words of Rolf Harris "can you tell what it is yet?" - I mean the theme of the party....

Hopefully this photo may well give it away if you're struggling to identify from the odd ball characters in the photo above!

I have rook loads of the tags still, so if anyone can find a use for them, leave me a comment or PM me over on the ScrapaGoGo CH, and I'll send you a quantity (string not included!)

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Jackie xxx said...

WOW love, looks like you all had fun. Sending you all big hug and kisses. C U soon xxx