Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Craft room in the making!

Doesn't DIY seem to take forever?
We are in the midst of decorating our study / craft room, so that all my scrapbooking clutter will be in one place. The floor is laid, the skirting needs to be painted but the walls have been painted, the wallpapering has yet to be done... the list just goes on!
We did have some fab office furniture in our old house, but sadly, whilst it would all fit width wise, the furniture is too tall for the room (we now live in a farmhouse full of beams!) Can I find office furniture that...
  1. Doesn't cost the earth
  2. Looks good
  3. He likes
  4. Is practical
  5. Offers storage within the desk
  6. Has matching shelving
  7. We can have "his 'n' hers" desks
At the moment, with all that I have recently committed too, the last thing I feel like doing is DIY, but hey-ho needs must!
So I'm sitting here thinking.....
Shall I continue with the cushion making - oh, I can't because my tape measure is somewhere, Scrap - oh, I can't because I did promise myself that I would concentrate on finishing the cushions
Clean, cause let's face it, it needs doing
Cook, it is 7.15pm
Clock watch - Mr Tesco is due between 7.00pm and 9.00pm
Blog write - need I say which one I've opted for....... anyway it's good practise, as Mr B has just managed to get out G5 working, so I suppose I could justify it and say practise makes perfect X

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