Monday, 7 May 2012

Nearly finished...

We are lucky enough to be going on another cruise this Summer and Nina, who has just turned 13 doesn't want to have to wear short dresses on formal nights, when the rest of us do...

There is definitely a missing market... everything we've seen is too much like a bridesmaids dress. I'm not saying we haven't found anything suitable on the Internet, but when you look into the small print, you can't return the items as they have been made to order!

So Plan B had to be actioned... which involved me getting out my sewing machine. Each pattern Nina picked was an adult size and Nina still fits into child's size 10 so I was faced with adapting a pattern as best as I could. And only having the girls every other weekend meant that I had to plan in the sewing when Nina was around. Yesterday was deemed the day!

Apart from needing a zip and the obvious hemming (which my Mum is sorting) the dress was finished.

Nina said she "felt like a princess"

Bless xxx

It's all worthwhile for a face like this! Especially as I have already committed to a similar red version of the above!

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Sharon said...

Sam, you are a woman of many talents - that dress is gorgeous!

Ally said...

Wow, love the dress, so grown up,