Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chinese whispers... round 2

Hitting 1st February not only means that we're already through 1/12th of our year but it's time to receive and pass on our Chinese Whispers layout, organised by Rebekah Day on the ScrapaGoGo CH.

This time around there are three teams, I receive from one Ally and ironically pass onto a different Ally!

Here's the one I received...

I love the photo... it depicts Ally's take on life, always good for a giggle and full of fun and spirit xxx

Not one for scrapping large photos, I emulated Ally's large photo with a decorative panel of smaller photos and embellishments.

The polaroid style photo was taken on a weekend away at Toad Hall. Jackie Ashton has the cool idea that once developed, we could all have our photos taken whilst holding our photo at arms length...

It made for a great image and a superb title "genius idea".

To echo Ally's cluster of embellishments at the top, I used liquid acrylic to drip down the page, misting while the paint was still wet.

I can't help but cut the mot intricate things out of my papers and this layout was no exception!

Looking forward to Round 3 already, and our next visit to Toad Hall...

1 comment:

Jackie xxx said...

Occassionally I do have some good ideas :-0

What a fab layout - full of loveliness - love how you can cut out all the little details and enhance your fab layouts.