Monday, 22 August 2011

V Fest 2011

Festivals are not only about the music, whose playing, whose head-lining and of course, alcohol... they're about meeting complete strangers and having a laugh....

One such fella is the man in the cacti hat - home-made I might add!

Cool huh?

Couldn't miss a photo opportunity!

Early on we headed for the Strongbow tent - it tuns out Harvey and Paul had discovered it last year but had decided not to share.

There was a DJ playing and the music was fantastic... we did think it slightly ironic that we were at a music festival listening to records being played!

Table-top footie ensued along with copious amounts of Strongbow and a "get creative with your strongbow scarf" challenge...

Later on Paul convinced Harvey to go on the inverted bungee - he lost his bandana which ended up on the roof of the ride!

New Joules wellies.... actually bought for our week spent in the Lakes in a yurt....

Watching Rhianna, who was amazing, along with all the other acts we saw!

Back to work tomorrow, still it'll be a short week!

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