Sunday, 29 May 2011

7 weeks and 5 days

It's been a while since I showed any kitty photos, so as Harvey had his camera with him (he's been shooting the Aston Villa FC pitch today) I begged him to take a few snaps...

The first two were not taken by the professional, but by me - can you tell? LOL

I cannot believe that these two were still tucked inside only eight weeks ago - now look at the size of them.

Toupee (the white boy with the grey spot on his head - hence the name) is completely deaf - bless him xxx

Apparently about 65% of white cats with blue eyes are deaf?

And yes, he does have different coloured eyes! One has stayed brilliant blue and the other has turned greeny yellow.

Earlier today, after his long morning nap which they routinely have after their breakfast, he woke to find one eye completely stuck together.

So I took him upstairs to bathe it and remembered that we had some ointment in the cupboard for one of our other cats.

I popped him on the kitchen worksurface, and before I could blink he'd scampered off, across the hob, which had just been on! He leapt off the worksurface - I felt terrible and checked his feet - doused his paws in cold water and then looked to see the damage.

As I couldn't see anything, I let him down and he ran off to play, so I think it was more shock than burn. I don't think we'll have a problem with him jumping on the worksurface and I was worried how we'd teach a deaf cat! A bit too drastic action for my liking!

And here is Toulouse!

No photoshop played any part in this photo which Harvey took yesterday!

Toulouse was a perfect model - a bit of a poseur to be honest!

I think Harvey is going to take them to the studio to do a photoshoot with them!

Bonus, more photos to scrap! xxx


Lorraine said...

:lol: That 'leaping' photo is like one of those Garfields that you stick on a car window! :D

Jackie xxx said...

WOW love the kitty photos, looking forward to seeing them on your scrap pages.