Sunday, 3 April 2011

I had to share really, didn't I?

And so the kit continues. Along with the super scrummy kit, the hybrids, designed by the ever so talented Kirsty Wiseman were gorgeous too.

I used a fair few of them in this layout, along with one of the bespoke cards that I design for each kit. If you're tempted to a set, hop on over to the ScrapaGoGo shop as I think there may still be a couple left?

The photos were taken when Nina was on her first holiday abroad, she was only three at the time, bless her... she could have some serious strops!!!

My other layout uses loads of the G2P, sadly they have all gone... I wonder why!

I have to admit that this was a staged photo, honestly Nina wasn't in the slightest bit upset! You can see why she'll be good on the stage!

Enjoy the rest of Mothers Day

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